Soviet   gas    mask                                                    GP-5
Gas mask GP-5
Gas mask GP-5 Chernobyl
Gas mask GP-5 Chernobyl

Soviet gas mask GP-5

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With the real soviet gas mask, you get to see the world through liquidators’ eyes - the Chernobyl heroes. The set includes the gas mask GP-5, original air filter, and bag. 

Gas masks are available in 3 sizes. The size is selected by measuring the head circumference.

  • size 1: 63,5 - 65,5 cm 
  • size 2: 66 - 68 cm
  • size 3: 68,5 - 70,5 cm

You help:
5% of your total purchase is automatically donated to the brave self-settlers of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. You have our thanks and respect!

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