BOOK "Chernobyl Silent Witnesses"
BOOK "Chernobyl Silent Witnesses"

BOOK "Chernobyl Silent Witnesses"

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Three decades ago the biggest nuclear disaster ever took place when Chernobyl's nuclear reactor exploded. During the last few years Daan Kloeg and Hans Wolkers documented the consequences of this disaster. They visited the area around the exploded reactor multiple times and photographed the lasting impact of this disaster.


In 2015 Hans Wolkers and Daan Kloeg received a second price in the International Photography Award in the category Documentary Books. 

• Hardcover: 180 pages
• Publisher: Hans Wolkers and Daan Kloeg, 2nd edition
• ISBN: 978-90-822013-0-7
• ©2014-2017 Hans Wolkers and Daan Kloeg
• Product Dimensions: 310 x 245 mm

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