In the beginning the idea was to help a particular group of people who we care about. A group of people no-one else thinks about because they live unseen in an abandoned part of the world. The natives of Chernobyl.

Their pensions are nowhere near enough to cover their basic needs, never mind such luxuries as new shoes or repairs to their houses, which are slowly but surely falling apart. They live in simple conditions that are far from the standard and that we can hardly imagine.

So, we created RPA - radioPROactive (note: later in 2018 renamed to CHERNOWEAR). A new brand, whose name contains ‘radioactivity‘ - typical for Chernobyl, and ‘Proactivity‘, something that people who come to this extraordinary place have in their blood. Clothes or gadgets with the brand CHERNOWEAR should serve not only as a souvenir from this unforgettable  place, but primarily as a regular grant together with long-term support to help the natives of Chernobyl.

CHERNOWEAR brings together two cultures, hiking, adventure, world history; all that encompasses Chernobyl with it‘s unique atmosphere - quiet yet full of life, standing in the shadow of the disaster that forever changed the history of humanity. The natives are an obvious example. I still remember one visit when went to help and brought the food inside and cut the timber. I asked a grandmother how long she‘s had that darned jogging suit that she was wearing. Her answer shocked me. 25 years. Can you imagine that? Nowadays we often throw away things that we no longer like or are just a little worn. We wouldn’t even use a 25 year old jogging suit for washing the floor. Not to mention the fact that Maria lives in a house where one room cannot even be used because there are no windows, they were broken many years ago. There are no resources to fix them and food and medicines are more important than warmth.

Every time you put on your CHERNOWEAR shirt, remember that you have contributed to the atmosphere of Chernobyl, and in particular to indigenous locals so strong that they were able to return after evacuation, who are now supported thanks to you! 5% of the cost of your purchase now warms one of the hearts of the natives from the Chernobyl zone. Thanks and respect to all of you!